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BT 4 Markers


BT4 Combat Paintball Gun - Black

Tournament legal external velocity adjuster.
Removable grip frame for quick and easy upgrades.
Easily accepts expansion chambers, vertical and horizontal bottle adapters.
Works with CO2 or Compressed air.
Stainless steel bottomline.
Impact resistant baked on coating.
Dual Picatinny mounting rails meet Military Standard 1913.
Modular trigger system.
Slide-Away TM Feedport for easy cleaning, maintenance
Light weight balanced construction.
Adjustable vertical front grip.
Selecta-Barrel TM adapter allows use of multiple barrel threads.

Specifications Caliber: .68 Action:
Semi-Automatic Powered: CO2 or Compressed Air(HP Output)
Cycle Rate: 13BPS
Main Body Material: Aluminium
Accuracy Range: 150+ft
The BT-4 comes with a removable barrel system.
This feature allows the user to select a barrel that is suitable for the playing conditions.
Standard barrels are mirror honed with a step-bore and porting and stock length is 8 inches.




BT Paintball Designs is proud to introduce you to its BT-4 line of durable and rugged paintball markers. The BT-4 line is sure to become a trusted name at playing fields all over the world. Great features and competitive pricing make these markers worthy of your attention.



BT-M16 Barrel
Raised Adjustable Sight Rail
Collapsible “Car” Stock



BT-4 Banshee

HARDCORE” Mil-Sim at its finest. From front to back, authentic barely describes the feel of the BT-4 Banshee thanks to the AK-47 style barrel. Take your shots with confidence!

BT Paintball Designs is proud to introduce you to its BT-4 line of durable and rugged paintball markers. The BT-4 line is sure to become a trusted name at playing fields all over the world. Great features and competitive pricing make these markers worthy of your attention.


BT-47 Barrel
Magazine Expansion Chamber
Raised Adjustable Sight Rail
BT Combat Stock




The BT TM-15™ is the ultimate choice for any woodsball or mil-sim
paintball enthusiast. Its high performance magnesium body is ultra
strong, yet light enough for all-day action. Equipped with features
usually found on much more expensive markers, the BT TM-15 features a
true electropneumatic operating system as well as reduced sound
signature for stealth firing in any of the multiple firing modes. With
the standard multiple Picatinny rails, accessory options are nearly
endless. Internal airline operation eliminates external hoses. Plus,
front and rear sights ensure you get your shot.

 • High Performance, Ultra Strong, Lightweight Magnesium Body

 • Bolt Out Back Design for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
• Modern

• True Electropneumatic Operating System
• Shift-On-The-Fly,
4-Position Recreational Firing Mode Switch: Safe/Semi/Burst/Full Auto

• Multiple Firing Modes: Semi/PSP/NXL/Millennium
 • Stealth Body Design
Works in Conjunction with the Barrel to Reduce Sound Signature

• Flip-Up Front and Rear Sights
• 14" Barrel with Sound Signature
Reduction Porting

• Clamping Feed Elbow

• Universal, Mini Style Barrel Threads
• Single-Finger Trigger (Double
Trigger Kit Available)

• Multiple Picatinny Rails Allow for Extra

• Quick-Change Battery in the Removable Magazine

Collapsible/Adjustable Rear Stock

• Low Pressure Operation (200psi)

No External Hoses; Internal Airline Operation


BT Delta
The BT Delta Paintball Gun is built to the same superior quality standards and
workmanship that BT has always been known for. BT Paintball has built it's
reputation making tough "Battle Tested" paintball markers and accessories. With
"Out of the Box" upgrades like a collapsible stock and removable mag, the BT
Delta paintball gun is a great choice for players of any skill level. The BT
Delta paintball gun is very high tech and durability. Expect the durability and
reliability from this gun as you would from the Tippmann family of paintball
guns. The BT Delta paintball gun has great workmanship, quality, and their
production standards are on the top of the field. When choosing the BT Delta
paintball gun, you will love the quality and workmanship and reliability of this
paintball gun .
  • Slide-Away Feedport for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Lightweight, Balanced Construction
  • Impact-Resistant,Backed-On Coating
  • Modular Trigger System
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Adjustable / Removable Magazine
  • Upgradeable to Accept BT Rip-Clip and BT Electronic Grip Frame
  • Removable Grip Frame for Quick and Easy Upgrades
  • Works with co2 or Compressed Air


BT-4 Delta Elite

Delta Elite The BT-4 Delta Elite redefines the Close Quarters Combat marker by
offering advanced features as standard equipment. Its peep-sight and adjustable
stock are just the beginning. Standard equipment includes the BT Rip-Clip™, BT
Apex Barrel system and the BT electronic grip frame, making this marker the
total package. Features * Modular Trigger System * Adjustable Stock *
Adjustable/Removable Magazine * Comes Complete with BT Rip-Clip, APEX Barrel
& Electronic Grip Frame featuring Semi-Auto, Ramp and Full-Auto Modes *
Slide-Away Feedport for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance * Lightweight, Balanced
Construction * Impact-Resistant, Baked-On Coating * Works With CO2 or Compressed
Air * 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

The BT-4 Delta Elite Tactical Paintball Marker combines milsim looks with high performance upgrades to your next game. Based on one of the most popular submachineguns in use by police and military around the world, the Delta Elite features the BT Electronic Gripframe for high ROF Semi/ Burst/ Full Auto modes and the sound-activated Rip Clip Electronic Loader for fast dependable forcefeeding of paintballs at a low price. The new front shroud hides a BT Apex Barrel System within the mock sound suppressor for realistic tactical look while the retractable stock adjusts to your needs on the fly.

  • Features include:
  • Electronic Trigger with Semi, Burst/ Full Auto Modes
  • Rip Clip Sound-Activated Electronic Loader
  • Slide away feedport for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Lightweight, balanced construction
  • Impact resistant, baked on coating
  • Retractable stock
  • Removable magazine
  • Works with CO2 or compressed air
  • Adjustable rear aperature sight
  • Custom Apex barrel featuring mock suppressor and gas tube
  • Stainless steel braided hose

  • btpaintball-bt4erc_898_general.jpg

    BT Combat ERC

    BT Paintball's ERC paintball gun comes standard with the BT paintball
    electronic grip frame and BT paintball Rip-Clip, which allow you to experience
    the fastest possible rate of fire. The Rip-Clip features a built-in rip drive.
    The BT-4 ERC paintball gun will definitely fill your need for speed. and send
    your opponent to the dead zone

    • BT Paintball BT-4 Paintball Gun base
    • BT Paintball electronic grip frame
    • Custom two-finger trigger
    • Semi, ramp and full-auto modes
    • Powered Rip-Clip uses patented technology
    • Sound-activated
    • Extra-long battery life
    • Force-feed Rip-Clip capable of loading 6+ balls per second
    • Holds over 200 paintballs
    • No breach eyes needed
    • Loader is offset to the right for sighting down the barrel

    BT TM 7.jpg

    BT TM-7

    The BT TM-7 utilizes Empire invert  Mini Technology to inflict maximum force
    and fire power  from a marker of minimal size exact what a serious scenario
    player wants  a light paintball gun and military simulated looks of the TM-7’s
    exterior; it can hang with the big boys and is by no means a lightweight. when
    it comes to fire power and accuracy Once you hold one and pull the trigger, you
    won’t want to put it down. Its lightweight, yet durable construction is perfect
    for close quarters or long-range combat. This is the marker that just may have
    people rethink the way they looked at Mil-Sim paintball markers.

    BT TM-7 Paintball Gun Features:

    • Mini Technology Inside
    • Shift-On-The-Fly, 4-Position Mode Switch
    • Multiple, Extensive Firing Modes Including Semi/Burst/Full-Auto
    • Multiple Picatinny Rails Allow For Extra Accessories
    • Adjustable, Multi-Position Stock
    • Collapsible/Adjustable Front Grip
    • Low Pressure Operation
    • No External Hoses; Internal Airline Operation
    • Additional Modes: NPPL/PPS/NXL/Millennium
    • Universal Autococker Barrel Threads

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