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Electronic Hoppers

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INVERT Halo B w/ Rip Drive

Description: Invert™ HALO™ B The Invert HALO B uses a spring driven, true force-feed ball stack, which not only keeps the stack intact at all times, but also provides instantaneous acceleration when a ball is needed. The infrared Eye sensor system monitors the motion (acceleration and deceleration) of the ball stack and keeps the drive spring wound on this paintball loader. The faster you shoot, the faster the Invert HALO B feeds. The low profile shell is made of tough polycarbonate to withstand ball hits and the optional Rip Drive makes clearing jams easy. Features:

• True Force Feed Technology

• 22+ balls/second • Ultra Quiet Belt drive

• Spring loaded drive cone

• Computer controlled

• Infrared Eye sensor technology

• Strong polycarbonate shell

• Reinforced feed neck design

• Freeway™ Anti-Jam

• Holds 180 rounds

• Low battery indicator

• 20,000 rds/battery change

• Optional Rip Drive

• Limited Lifetime Warranty



Invert™ Halo Too Loader

• Auto-off 1 Hour
• Low Battery Indicator

• Ultra Quiet Belt Drive
 • Tactile Feedneck Power Button

• Load Power Status

• Computor Controlled

• Auto Prime

• Integrated Freeway™ Anti-jam

• Customizable

Choose your color

ViewLoader eVLution 3


ViewLoader eVLution 3 paintball gun loaders feature: 23 rounds per second feed rate 195+ capacity Jam-free, six-bladed flexible paddle Spill-proof spring-loaded lid which can be locked LED low battery indicator Vision system recognizes dark or black shell paintballs



Viewloader Vlocity

Viewloader Vlocity The VLocity Select Force electronic loader is here. The VLocity Select Force electronic loader features an on gun feed rate of up to 25 BPS and a free fall rate up to 35 BPS. The Vlocity speed is driven by the new Select Force technology and an electronically controlled anti-jam propeller. Select Force allows you to adjust the force that the loader places on the paintballs. The Select Force is adjustable from off / Low / Medium / High to allow the player to set the desired force based on the type of paintballs being used. Select Force allows the player to maximize the out-of-the-gate speed without breaking paintballs. The electronically controlled anti-jam propeller will automatically reverse and reset once a jam is detected using the exclusive dual vision system. The VLocity also incorporates reprogrammable software to allow you to customize the select force and anti-jam settings. The VLocity also features a light weight and small profile, offers a large capacity of 200 ct paintballs, a flip cap spring loaded lid and Viewloader quality you can trust. Features: Feed rate of up to 25 BPS on the marker Free fall rate up to 35 BPS Adjustable Select Force Technology Electronically controlled anti-jam propeller Reprogrammable software Dual vision system Engineered with light weight, extreme impact resistant polymer making it the largest capacity and lightest weight loader on the market today.


Viewloader Vlocity Jr

1 force mode setting 20 BPS on marker feed rate 25 BPS free fall rate 180 ball count capacity Instant auto anti-jam Upgradable software Double vision™ system Giant Mouth lid for quick and easy loading in tight spots On/off switch with shield reduces accidental activation 3-blade spring loaded paddle



Invert Reloader 2 Hopper with sound activated board and a new and improved look.


  • Magnetic lid, no more snapping!
  • Sound activated
  • Automatically adjusting sensitivity
  • Auto turn off after 30 minutes
  • Low battery indicator
  • Push button on/off
  • 10-12 balls per second
  • Holds approximately 200 paintball

big (500 x 375).jpg

Paintball Hopper



The world's
only 250 round electronic hopper that is actually a 2 in 1 hopper,
fully maximizing lane shooting with a 140 round attachment for a total
of 400 round hopper.  The Pinokio comes packaged with 2 fronts, 1 for
speed ball and 1 for scenario/woods ball with the 140 round attachment. 
Pinokio surpasses 30+balls per second benchmark, and is the lightest
hopper on the market weighing in at just under 15.oz per unit and just
under lb with 140 round attachment installed.  Pinokio's 30+ball per
second rate of fire is also battery friendly, the Pinokio has been
extensively tested for battery consumption and has the ability to rip
through 37 plus cases of paint on two 9v batteries which in it self is a
massive savings annually.

Comes with both fronts:

Speed Ball Front:

Weight: 15oz

BPS: 30+

Ball Capacity: 250

Scenario Front:

Weight: 1lb 3oz

BPS: 30+

Ball Capacity: 400

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